Our Firm


Monsar Capital is an independent international financial advisory and investment firm headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland with a core focus on dynamic emerging markets. We bring together intellectual and financial capital to identify, structure and execute value-creating transactions and investment opportunities for the benefit of corporations and investors alike. 

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Culture & Values
Monsar Capital operates on the strongly-held basis that, whilst business and finance will never stand still, all our actions will be guided by a constant set of core values and beliefs.
  • We have an uncompromising commitment to achieve excellence and superior results in everything we do

  • We will leverage our combined wisdom, experience and judgement to act with conviction and take bold stands where justified, always aligning our interests with those of our key stakeholders

  • We will strive to anticipate potential trends and developments in a dynamic and fast-changing world rather than react to them in order to stay ahead of the pack and deliver useful insights and innovative solutions for our clients

  • We foster a culture based on entrepreneurial creativity, a passion to achieve, positivity and optimism, and a desire for continuous improvement

  • We look to build long-lasting relationships with clients and partners based on transparency, mutual fairness and respect

  • We will always act with complete honesty and integrity in all our professional dealings in accordance with the highest ethical standards and maintain absolute respect for all confidential information entrusted to us